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Our family is going through some hard struggles and could really use prayers. Financially we cannot keep up with bills. We are about to get our utilities turned off and the landlord cannot take payment plans with me anymore so rent is do by January 5th and my paycheck is not enough for us to pay these. My husband was laid off and unemployment has stopped his benefits. My husband has been out there looking for work and has lots of resumes. We need for him to find a job to get back on our feet. I am working all the time and feel anxious like there is a heavy weight on my chest all the time. Also we have to travel to Davis Cancer Center and Shriners because my daughter has been sick. So doctors visits take me from work sometimes. Then on top of everything my daughter was hurt by a grown man who is in Jail and we have a trial coming up and it has been so hard on her and she is confused, angry, and so many other emotions.! Feels like I cannot keep my head above water and I am feeling overwhelmed and an overwhelming feeling of sadness and anxiety. I am not sure what or how to ask for prayers for my family so any prayers based on my story above is very much appreciated.

Received: January 2, 2019


Please pray for my friend’s high school age daughter who is being worked up for possible cancer. Waiting on pathology and praying for benign results. God bless and thank you!

Received: January 1, 2019

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Margi Giovannetti

Please pray for a friend's daughter who was arrested and is having a court hearing today. The daughter has been using drugs and has now has 4 charges pending against her, including 2 felony charges. Please pray that God works in her life to bring her back to Him and get off the drugs and straighten out her life. Her mother is asking that God use this horrible experience however would be best to heal her body and her soul.

Received: December 31, 2018

Patty Reynolds

Please pray my son Jim gets a job. There is a possibility about getting one hopefully soon.

Received: December 27, 2018

Patty Reynolds

Pray for my friend, Sally, whose daughter Tammy is having surgery in January that all will go well. Pray for healing. Pray for me. I have had a rough time since I went off my Paxil (paroxetine) which I took for depression. I have been taking an over-the-counter supplement, but I am not sure it is working. I have an antidepressant prescribed by the PA/doctor, but didn't want to take it because of side effects. I am so miserable now that I think I will have to try it. Also, I feel like I have a bladder or kidney infection. I see the doctor on Friday. Pray for healing of both. Thanks

I have a praise report on my sister Donna and her husband Larry. She was able to get her husband in an assisted living care home on hospice. My sister is doing a bit better without so much responsibility of his care. Thanks for your prayers.

Received: December 27, 2018

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Rachelle Busby

Prayers are needed for Dolly. Her husband passed away on Tuesday the 18th.

Received: December 21, 2018

Mary Ann Gamble

Just found out yesterday she has breast cancer.

Received: December 20, 2018

Nancy Snider

A friend has asked me to ask everyone at Neighborhood Church to pray for Dee in New York, who has been injured in a bad auto accident. Please pray for healing.

Received: December 15, 2018


“I’ve just had a horrible year and my grief just gets worse. My real father had two strokes in March and April and passed in Alabama on May 12th. My exhusband who I was so close to still passed suddenly on September 9th and my stepfather just passed suddenly November 7th. My exhasband in PA and my stepfather in DE. I just spent 3 months in Delaware with my mother helping with her grief. He was the love of her life. I feel insane in my deep dark hole in I dug myself.”

Received: December 9, 2018


Bo from online church service would like prayer for his dad - “Hello, please pray for my Dad as he continues to recover from his surgery last week. Thank you.“

Received: December 9, 2018

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What is Prayer?

  • Prayer is an incredible privilege. God, the King of everything, invites us to communicate with Him. Prayer is simply talking with God. Whether it is a praise, a need, or a struggle, we have the opportunity to go to God in prayer. (Matthew 5, 6 / Romans 12 / Ephesians 6 / Hebrews 4)

Why do we Pray?

  • Prayer is the main avenue to create, cultivate, and sustain a deep connection with God. From the Bible, we get the picture that prayer is a major part of Heaven’s Kingdom. Jesus’ example is all we need to understand the reason for prayer. Over and over again in the New Testament especially leading up to the Cross, we see the words in Scripture of Him going away to pray. He models a commitment to pray often which communicates the importance of regular prayer. (Matthew 14, 26 / Mark 1 / Luke 5, 6 / Colossians 4 / 1 Thessalonians 5)
  • Scripture also encourages us to ask others to join us in prayer. We are honored that you would trust us to partner with you in prayer. It is our privilege to pray for you and with you for any need or opportunity in your life.

(Ecclesiastes 4 / Ephesians 6 / James 5)

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