What are we doing?

Helping people find and follow God.
Finding God happens when a person trusts Jesus as Savior.
Following God happens as a person increasingly responds to Jesus as Lord.

Why are we doing it?

People / Because people matter to God, and everybody needs the gospel. Compassion for people compels us.

Eternity / Because people are created to live forever, and eternal destinies are at stake. Heaven and hell are real.

Grace / Because legalism sucks the joy out of finding and following God.

Truth / Because we are ruined by the lies we believe and set free by the truths we receive.

Cross / Because Christ’s sacrifice is worthy of our devotion. The love of Christ compels us.

Strategy / How are we doing it? (our operational logic, and pattern of participation). By fusing grace-oriented teaching with environments of worship, acceptance, service, and love.

These environments walk people down a four-step strategic pathway.

1. God saves you. / “You must be born again.” -John 3:3

2. God blesses you. / “Blessed with every spiritual blessing.” -Ephesians 1:3

3. God grows you. / “A mature person, to the stature of Christ.” -Ephesians 4:13

4. God uses you. / “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” -Mark 16:15

How do we know when we’re successful?

Profession / I profess my faith in Christ.

Baptism / I go public through baptism.

Security / I rest in a secure salvation.

Identity / I am discovering my riches in Christ.

Connection / I participate in a group, class, quiet time, or ministry team.

Growth / As I grow in grace through Scripture and prayer, I increase in wisdom, love, healing, victory and my sense of self in Christ.

Investment / I sacrificially invest my time, talents, and treasure in helping people find and follow God.

Where is God taking us?

In this coming season, we will focus on attuning our leadership’s heart with this vision, so we can flow into our new building with maximum momentum for Christ and his kingdom.