If you spend any time at Neighborhood, you will see these GracePathway icons used to designate the primary aim each group and ministry is designed for.

These GracePathway icons are for you! They help you navigate Neighborhood and connect to the ministry or group your looking for.

Click on one of the icons and see the differences of each marker. God Saves, Blesses, Grows, Uses.

T  H  E     G  R  A  C  E      P  A  T  H  W  A  Y

What is the Grace Pathway?

The Grace Pathway at Neighborhood

Everything at Neighborhood is designed to help people find and follow God.

We believe this is accomplished best along the Grace Pathway. People can find God, know their blessings, grow in grace, and see God use them.

You will see the Grace Pathway everywhere at Neighborhood. We have icons with designated colors to help you identify what each ministry is designed to accomplish.

The Grace Pathway consists of 4 markers. They are: 

God Saves You (Where you find God)savesicon-whiteborder



God Blesses You (Where you learn you don’t earn your blessings)grace-path




God Grows You (Growth in grace through Scripture, Prayer, Fellowship, and Witness)



grace-path4God Uses You (We serve God, and others through the time, gifts, and talents he gave us.)



The only desire we have is that you jump on the pathway. This is how you dive into all that God has for you and your family.