Every Wednesday night in September, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will battle it out. Only one will be victorious! Earn points by attending on Wednesday nights, dressing up, bringing new friends, and winning the games. This year’s theme is 80’s arcade! That means our games will be famous arcade games played in real life! Each night will consist of games, a short devotional, and small group time.

Here’s what the month of September is going to look like:

September 4 / Battle of the Ages week #1 / 7-8:30PM

We kick it off with Centipede, based off the arcade classic. Each grade takes a turn to maneuver the playing field as a team. Watch out for the other grades! They will be throwing dodgeballs and trying to get you out.

September 11 / Battle of the Ages week #2 / 7-8:30PM

Next we have Pacman, one of the most famous video games of all time. You play as Pacman and the leaders are the ghosts! Take turns to collect as many pellets you can from the maze. Use a power pellet to take down those pesky ghosts!

September 18 / Battle of the Ages week #3 / 7-8:30PM

Our final arcade style game, Donkey Kong! If you’ve ever played the arcade game, then you pretty much get the idea of how to play. You play as Mario, but you better watch out for the barrels passing by! How many of your team members can you get to the end of the maze?

September 25 / Battle of the Ages Finale! / 7-8:30PM / Cost: $3

[Bring a friend who’s never been to Jr. High Wednesday night and you are both free!]

It all comes down to this. We’ll play Laser Tag all night long, in the neon light decked out Ministry Center Auditorium! Grades will face off and this is your last chance to get points for your team. We’ll announce the winning grade at the end of the night, that entire team will receive gift cards!