gio-headshot-2015Welcome to Neighborhood.
Thank you for visiting us online. We’re a group of fun, imperfect, authentic people with an incredibly strong sense of mission. We’re here for you. Take your time and read about us online. We’d love to meet you in person too. We pray God’s best for you as he helps you step by step along his beautiful Grace Pathway.

In Christ’s Grace,

Bill Giovannetti
Senior Pastor

We're glad you're here!

You will know it when you first step in: You’re home. We are a very down-to-earth church; a biblical church; a family church; a welcoming place for singles; a place where real people get together to learn more about our relationship with God and each other.


Helping people find and follow God.
Finding God happens when a person trusts Jesus as Savior.
Following God happens as a person increasingly responds to Jesus as Lord as they grow in grace.


1. God SAVES you. / Salvation is how you become a part of God’s family. It’s all by grace… God’s work, God’s sacrifice, God’s free gift. We are saved by faith alone in Christ alone. When you see this red icon with the sun rising inside, it means that the ministry or event is designed to help people cross the line of faith.

grace-path2. God BLESSES you. / Now that you’re saved, Jesus has come to live inside you. It’s important to discover the rich treasures of grace he brought with him. You have a new name, a new identity, a new power, and new capacities you never had before. These are your blessings in Christ. They became yours the moment you first believed. You are royally blessed! Already pre-blessed for every moment of your life. You don’t serve God for blessing, you only serve God from blessing! When you see the blue icon, with God’s hand of blessing filling your hand of need, it means that ministry or event is designed to help people discover their riches and identity in Christ.

grace-path23. God GROWS you. / God’s grace is like a mountain of beautifully wrapped gifts. Now, your life is about unwrapping the gifts and enjoying them. This is spiritual growth. Your whole Christian life is about growing in grace. Becoming a strong, mature, unshakable believer, confident in the love of God no matter what. This means learning God’s Word, growing deep in who he is and what he’s done. It means standing on God’s promises. It means trusting in God’s heart. It means knowing who God has made you to be, and becoming mature. Grace lives at the intersection where theology meets psychology. You’re invited into a lifestyle where you continually “renew your mind” with Scripture and transform your life by God’s grace (Romans 12:1,2). The green icon with the arrow of God’s power coming down, through you, and back up to God, tells you that this ministry or event is designed to help you grow mature, healthy, strong, and wise in God’s matchless grace.

grace-path44. God USES you. / Jesus sent his followers on the beautiful but costly mission of going into all the world and “compel them to come in.” We love, we serve, we give of ourselves without losing ourselves, because Christ and his matchless grace has filled us to overflowing. Because we’ve grown mature and strong, God can use us in mighty ways for his kingdom. The yellow icon, with the footprint, tells you that this event or ministry is designed to get your hands dirty in service for Christ and his kingdom.


People / Because people matter to God, and everybody needs the gospel. Compassion for people compels us.

Eternity / Because people are created to live forever, and eternal destinies are at stake. Heaven and hell are real.

Grace / Because legalism sucks the joy out of finding and following God.

Truth / Because we are ruined by the lies we believe and set free by the truths we receive.

Cross / Because Christ’s sacrifice has blown us away with love and grace, and we want everybody to experience the treasure we found when we found Him.

Strategy / Our whole strategy is the GRACE PATHWAY. Everything we do is designed to move you through its four steps– God saves you, God blesses you, God grows you, God uses you.

Our Family of Churches

logomrk_wrdmrk-vrt-color-trnsprntNeighborhood is part of a family of churches called The Christian and Missionary Alliance (The Alliance). Over 2,000 churches in America and 20,000 churches worldwide, join hands to help people everywhere on earth find and follow God. Here are some links.

The Alliance Website

What We Believe 

The Great Commission Fund